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What makes CareerOwl different?

CareerOwl is a non-profit, independent service that was started in 1999 as a volunteer project of Canadian university families to help Canadian employers connect with the talent that their tax dollars helped to train. Workers and employers can use CareerOwl's job search.

CareerOwl is also non-charitable. The professors who donated the start-up funding did not get any tax write-offs. Also, no university or government dollars were used to develop CareerOwl. Faculty families donated private after-tax dollars and faculty members and students donated after-hours time to create this service which now runs on revenue from publishing online ads, with a paid staff on a non-profit, cost-recovery basis.

Commercial services like Workopolis and let employers search anywhere in Canada and have resume banks as well as job postings, but charge employers substantial fees for publishing their job ads and for looking at jobseeker resumes. Other services like craigslist are free, but only support local area search.

CareerOwl supports both local area and nationwide search at no charge.

Canadian students studying in the US and employers recruiting for their US operations can use CareerOwl too. If you're a Canadian student studying at a US university, check out the Canadian job postings to see the sorts of positions you might want to train for, or for student jobs you might get in summers back home. Then switch to the US option on the browse jobs box to look for part time and other work around where you're going to school.

We look forward to serving you!  

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